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Wood Lawn & Gardens provide Topiary and Garden Maintenance services for discerning clients in the Waikato region – Specialising in Cloud Trees.
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Cloud Tree & Topiary Services

Garden Care & Maintenance, Shaping & more
We work with an exclusive client base on some of the finest gardens in the Hamilton and wider Waikato region, with services as far north as Northcote. Though we are not a lawn mowing service, we have fantastic partners who service lawns for our clients.

Cloud Tree Pruning and Shaping

Cloud pruning, also called Niwaki, is a Japanese method of shaping tress by shrubs into shapes resembling clouds. Roughly translating into garden tree it is a delicate process, similar to bonsai tree shaping.

We specialise in cloud shaping and care at Wood Lawn and Gardens, using high quality Japanese hand equipment. We can also whip your other hedges into shape with Battery and hand tools.

Work Examples & Instagram

With 85k+ followers on instagram Kalib Johnathon Wood and team post regular content, including line trimming and pruning/shaping videos and photos (with permission) so you can check us out using the link below.

We are also open to sponsor and media enquiries with products and companies that align with our service and standards.