Wood Lawn and Gardens focus primarily in the garden sector in the Waikato and Auckland region, we utilize the newest and most forward techniques to bring a smarter more modern gardening experience and strive to leave a lasting impression on our customers. With over sixteen years experience here and abroad we bring a quieter, more friendly and professional approach to your gardens.

Specializing in high end topiary and cloud clipping we can take on projects that some may think overwhelming.

We bring a love and passion for the plants we work with and around, bringing a new outlook to the gardening sector. With highly trained staff in Gardening, Lawn Care and Arboriculture we bring a professional safe qualified and quiet experience to your property.


Our team is stringent in following and exceeding PPE and Safety requirements when on site, this means significantly less risk of downtime and injury to our staff. As well as less risk of injury to other persons, pets or property.


Powered by battery means we use quiet high end professional equipment to make sure we are not only leaving you with the best service but also not creating unnecessary noise pollution or bothering your neighbours. Battery powered tools allow for small and lighter equipment, resulting in a more refined result. Partnering with Husqvarna one of the leaders in battery equipment means you are insured a perfect tidy quiet and precise result always.


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