For the last three years we have been exclusively battery operated for our outdoor power equipment. Husqvarna is our choice when it comes to state of the art battery powered tools since we started out, as such we apologise if our battery tool posts as Husqvarna heavy -Battery tools by and large have outstanding quality and power as well as lightweight and fume-less with less noise pollution, starting out it was a win win for our staff and the gardens we maintain.

Here’s our list of our favourite battery power tools.

Number 10: 520iHD60 hedge pruner

For a short handle pruner that can get through just about anything while remaining light and fumeless this unit stands out from the competitors choices. With reciprocating and 60CM blade it is useless for delicate hedge pruning and topiary as well as the butchery sometimes required in the garden. It has a weight of just 3.8kg without a battery and has an IPX 4 weatherproof rating.

Number 9: 525iB handheld blower

Perfect for smaller clean ups and tidying the site after topiary the 525ib boasts an airspeed of 56 m/s when in boost mode its light at 2.4kg without battery and quiet. Handy in tight spaces where a backpack blower cant go. We personally carry a 525ib in all our work vehicles as they are just so handy as well as one at home for when we cant be bothered vacuuming.

Number 8: 540ixp rear handle chainsaw 

The 540iXP absolutely blew us away with its power and speed while remaining light and quiet. With a bli300 battery its the equivalent to a 40cc professional chainsaw. It cuts like a hot knife through butter and has an outstanding power to weight ratio coming it at only 2.9kg without battery with a 16 inch bar making it perfect for medium to smaller tree work and felling.

Number 7: 520iHT4 telescopic hedge pruner

Tall hedges and unsafe ladders create hazardous working conditions and potential for injury with the 520iHT4 minimize that risk with a telescopic hedge pruner with a 4.5 metre reach when fully extended. It is however the second heaviest item besides the mower on this list coming in at 5.5 kg without a battery but makes up for it in usability as well as being fumeless and quiet. We currently have one on board all our vehicles to negate most of the use of ladders and to eliminate as much risk as possible to our staff.

Number 6: 340iBT backpack blower 

For when your handheld blower just wont cut it. The 340iBT is the perfect weapon, with two battery ports to ensure maximum battery life when taking on big clean up jobs. It is light and doesn’t make a huge impact especially when strapped to your back coming in at 6.3kg without battery its hardly noticeable compared to its gas alternatives. Quiet with a boost and cruise control mode coming in at 61 m/s its small enough to fit in most vehicles and holds it own even in the rain.

Number 5: LC 347iVX Self propelled mower 

The battery mower to rule them all the LC 347 moves at a quick pace with a clean cut on all lawns including, in the wet. Our primary mower for 3 years running and it still goes out daily to leave a clean finish on our clients lawns. Coming in at 26kg with a deck width of 47cm and optional bioclip mulching kit it can handle just about any job we throw at it.

Number 4: T540iXP top handle chainsaw 

Hard to place it at number 4 because its by far the best chainsaw myself or any of the team have used in our combined 25 years in the industry. Made by arborists for arborists its a weapon with a chain speed of 24 m/s its the equivalent to the gas alternative just lighter and fume-less, every arborist I know and communicate with has or wants one. Lightweight at 2.5kg without battery its the best saw in the world for climbing.

Number 3: S 138i Scarifier 

Almost too good at its job this little unit gets the job done quickly quietly and perfectly leaving a slick finish. With dual battery ports for extended run time and foldable handle for easy storage its perfect for smaller to medium lawn renovation with light tines and hard rake for aeration and scarification its the ultimate little workhorse.

Number 2: 520ihe3 long handle hedge pruner

The best hedge trimmer on the market perfectly balanced light and fume-less it cuts through anything with ease and has a longer reach than its short handle counterpart. The 520ihe3 is an absolute weapon I find myself using every day with one of the longest runtimes in the entire battery range it smashes through almost an entire day of work on one battery. Perfect for topiary and hedges alike with a crazy light weight of 4.2 kg without batteries.

Number 1: 520iLX Line Trimmer 


The 520iLX is a sword made perfectly. After 20 thousand hours on a line trimmer its the best tool I have ever used. Light powerful, quiet and fume-less it eats edges and cuts any grass, any weather, perfectly. Universally loved – It becomes and extension of your arm and work fast becomes less of a chore and much more fun its the Number 1 for our team and my favourite battery tool.

We hope this list helps with ideas for garden and power tools as well as pushes forward the fact that battery is the new petrol and will soon take its place on the market.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. It might however look that way, we started using Husqvarna tools before they approached us so many of our posts will be Husqvarna heavy.

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