At Wood Lawn and gardens we have favourite topiary plants some that we just enjoy pruning more or some that can be shaped in different ways others that just stand out amongst the crowd here we go through our top five for topiaries around your property.

Number 5: Buxus 

Nothing beats the classic old English box hedge or shapes, with many varieties to choose from shades of green and different leaf types these evergreen hedges act as a wonderful border plant or hedgerow to line a driveway or patio area. Buxus is especially susceptible to diseases such as box wood blight and requires more attention than the native alternatives but if well kept can be the ultimate statement piece. We recommend using Topbuxus available from LGS Ltd in Auckland to help treat blight and help your buxus flourish.



Number 4: Corokia Cotoneaster

Nothing beats a native in a New Zealand garden and Corokia stands out as a more informal and free formed topiary, with shaping and pruning to desired heights they can act as a hedge row or a statement piece in your garden Corokia comes in many varieties and colours some of our standout flavours are frosted chocolate and Geentys ghost. Native plants are more sturdy in our gardens in New Zealand and make more of a splash in presence creating that substance a New Zealand garden requires.



Number 3: Ilex Lago 

Ilex or commonly referred to as holly creates a true centrepiece in any topiary garden providing substance and shape. Evergreen plants that are hardy against disease and its new growth creates a brilliant lime look in your garden contrasting well against the other topiary pieces on this list.



Number 2: Podocarpus Totara Matapouri Blue 

The Matapouri blue is by a mile our favourite native topiary to prune with an upright pyramidal habit its slow growing and makes a real statement with its vibrant blue shades perfect for cloud trees or standard topiaries its a sturdy native and really stands out amongst the more green and natural shades in this list. Matapouri blue grows slowly making it perfect for any size garden as it should only require 1-2 clips per year.




Number 1: Juniperus Kaizuka

The number 1 for many gardeners but especially us here at wood lawn and gardens the Kaizuka is a true stand out perfect for spirals standard topiary shapes and most importantly those massive cloud trees, its a sturdy evergreen that prefers the sun and is pH adaptable. Some of the most impressive plants we have worked on have been Kaizuka and have truly become a staple in our business. Perfect as small substance pieces or as massive giants standing tall and proud in your topiary garden.



Has this list helped you decide what topiary is best for you? if not feel free to get in touch and have a chat with us we have many more ideas and can help decide and care for your topiaries.

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