Guide on Disease Prevention in your garden

Here we will look at a step by step process to avoid those pesky pests and help keep your garden healthy through all four seasons. Step 1 Pick the location and plan Good lighting is essential for most plants to grow well, it is also important to have room for the plants to breath. Clustered […]

Our Top 10 Battery Powered Garden Tools

For the last three years we have been exclusively battery operated for our outdoor power equipment. Husqvarna is our choice when it comes to state of the art battery powered tools since we started out, as such we apologise if our battery tool posts as Husqvarna heavy -Battery tools by and large have outstanding quality […]

Top Topiary Choices

Top 5 Topiary choices

At Wood Lawn and gardens we have favourite topiary plants some that we just enjoy pruning more or some that can be shaped in different ways others that just stand out amongst the crowd here we go through our top five for topiaries around your property. Number 5: Buxus  Nothing beats the classic old English […]